Thunderbolt transfer speeds

I upgraded to the new Retina MBPs and have been loving it so far (minus the random logouts that I’ve now since fixed, or so it seems).

I have a few new purchases to make, such as a 17″ FSI monitor, a 6×6 village blackout tent, and a HDLinkPro with LiveGrade (why does everything have to cost so much?!).

The idea of thunderbolt seemed pretty awesome to be, but I didn’t know what was feasible in terms of compatibility and such, until now.

Here’s my setup:

15.4″ MBP, LaCie TB eSata Hub, TB cables, Sonnet Echo Express PRO express34 adapter, and that’s pretty much it.  I’m getting about 180mb/s read speed, which is pretty awesome.  I can download a 64gb card in about 8 minutes to an eSata enabled hard drive, which is awesome seeing how before from PCIe to fw800 I was doing about 24 minutes. It’ll do a checksum and copy to two different drives in about 15 min, that’s fast.

I was having some issues with my Sonnet TEMPO SATA card, getting it to work with my Echo PRO (as I’m still waiting on my USB3.0 Red Station) but I just ended up swapping out harddrives for each transfer and that seemed to work well.

Here’s a screenshot of the BlackMAgic Disk Speed Test I was getting earlier.  Pretty awesome.


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