My first T1 feature

Week 2 of Mister & Pete is nearing completion.

So far things have been a bit clumsy in terms of getting thigns running smoothly but overall I think it’s been great so far.  I’m working with DP Reed Morano (Frozen River, Kill Your Darlings, etc) and we’re establishing a look on set to be applied to dailies and eventually a DI.

I’m using LiveGrade, which I absolutely love (after having some technical issues that have seemed to be ironed out), and creating CDLs that are applied to a film emulation LUT provided by Deluxe and then balancing the scene based on what the DP wants and what I think is good overall.

As of now I’m taking a feed from camera via REC OUT to my HDLinkPro, out of that to my 2140W Flanders monitor (Not the greatest but works for this situation, next purchase is a Sony 25” OLED monitor, $5500…ouch), then controlling the color via LiveGrade.

Definitely starting to love the ability to load different 3D LUTs that LiveGrade has, the only thing I wish they had was a “Remove 3D LUT” button of some sorts.  Sometimes I want to see what different looks look like in a separate colorspace and it would be nice to be able to remove my film emulation LUT and put in the 709 LUT and vice versa, perhaps I’ll submit a comment about it.

Here’s my laptop setup with LiveGrade:

Here’s my tent back from repair:

I’m also taking care of media management this time around, mainly due to budget reasons I suppose.  The media management side of things isn’t difficult at all because of my Thunderbolt workflow.  I’m doing 3 copies and a checksum through Shotput Pro in 12 minutes per 32gb card (roughly 29gb).  That’s pretty impressive.

Here’s my media management setup:

This is a Pegasus Raid setup, which is basically setup as a Thunderbolt drive enclosure with the drives set to Pass Through (Thanks to my friend Eric Camp for helping me out with setting that up today) and then a 1TB G-Drive setup through my eSata to Thunderbolt hub which is my shuttle drive that goes back and forth between Deluxe (I have 3 of these that cycle every day, and I don’t wipe footage on them until I need to in order to have a 3rd copy in case something goes wrong.

I have another 4 weeks on this show and it’s turning out pretty fun so far! Looking forward to getting into a good rhythm and cranking out some good looking images.

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