LiveGrade v2.0

I love the guys at Pomfort, seriously I do. They have a GREAT product, have fantastic customer service, and overall LISTEN to the community in which they serve. It’s a no-brainer that I use their software. I use both Silverstack and LiveGrade for pretty much every project that’s out there and now They’re upgrading to make LiveGrade BETTER.

Here’s their video explaining all of the new and improved features. The best part? It’s available TODAY! Love that!

12 thoughts on “LiveGrade v2.0

  1. Have you tried Resolve Live? How does it compare? Do you still need to buy livegrade? Though its funny that you can’t automatically send a lut from resolve to a HDLinkPro but you can from LiveGrade

    1. I have, the only issue I’ve found with it is you need 2 of the UltraStudios in order to make it work (one in, one out) which takes up both of the thunderbolt ports.

      1. Yeh or an ultra studio 4k. Which is the costs the same as livegrade. It only uses one thunderbolt port and gives you both in and out. The new multidock has a pass though as well. So lame I had bought one a month before.

        On a side note I made DIY control surface with the software ControllerMate and a Korg NanoPad 2. It works pretty well. One pad click can make multiple mouse moves and clicks. Another pad can drag by a determines amount.

  2. Just upgraded my Livegrade to v2.0. Tomorrow is the make-up test, so I will play with my Pluto, but from Monday ready to go. 3 XT-s, onset grading and onset downloading. 🙂

  3. I know this is about Livegrade, but I red your downloading speed about XR drives.
    I would like to share my opinion about this:
    I have got Sonnet chasis, H680 card. 2 Lacie Big5 disk. Production need only one backup in the set so I do only one copy in RAID0.
    With Silverstack I can download a full-full mag in 41minutes with MHL checksum. On computer side there is a new Mac Pro.

  4. Never download 2 cards at same time. Because 2 Lacies are in RAID0, sometimes Silverstack going higher than 1.0G/s
    Actually I’m just doing a safety copy for myself, than send the Codex drive to lab. They’re doing all other process.
    I have the most Codex drives on the set for 1 show all around the world. 🙂

    1. yeah I always do 1 card at a time, sometimes to dual locations simultaneously which is nice, no real loss of speed there.

      I think we had almost 75 512gb codex capture mags on 22 Jump Street between 1st and second unit. Was a boat load of data! Largest day for 2nd unit was 9TB of footage.

      1. 75? 🙂
        Normally I have 5 for a show, now have got 45, only for main unit, more coming later on this week, but we started to shoot today. 🙂
        Dual locations is also good, but Silverstack “waiting” for the slower external drive. I always fighting to prdoduction earn more money for faster drives, than spend O/T for me.

  5. Have you already tested Livegrade Pro v2.0? I’m graiding with this since 12 days and love it, much more than my regular Livegrade. This Iphone App only for fun, but enjoy to change looks via wifi. 🙂
    In my system has Pluto and 2 HDlink at same time.
    What are you opinion about this new version?

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