Render, Render, Render

I got into a discussion with someone on the Epic-W page on FB about if a RRX works or not with Helium footage.  Well I can say without a doubt that no it does not, at least not on a Mac (I don’t have a TB3 enclosure or a pc laptop to test it out on.  I do have my desktop that I can throw the RRX in later to do a final test on).

Here’s what Jarred Land says on fb:

Here’s what RED says, officially, on their own site:


Now, what does high-performance GPU mean exactly? Well I have a maxed out trashcan (mac pro) and here’s what I was getting for render times on 8KWS footage 7:1 set to 1080 ProResLT (this btw is a realistic look at what your render times on set will be, I don’t know any editor who wants 4K DPX files delivered to them).

Here’s my specs, just so you know what I’m working with here:


Here’s the footage I’m working with, as per RCX:


The footage is on my desktop and also rendering directly to my desktop also, it’s the 500gb flash storage option for reference. Here’s the R/W speed from Disk Speed Test, also so you know what I’m working with:

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 3.53.18 PM.png

And finally, here’s the export settings I used:

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 3.55.05 PM.png

Here’s the render time for 1 minute of footage set to 1080 ProResLT (I have 2 exports because there’s no “completed in” section, so you look at the start time for both exports) WITHOUT a RRX:


It’s about 2:37 per 1 minute of footage, not terrible but not great.

And here’s the same footage WITH the RRX enabled, the RRX screen up to prove the point that it’s enabled:

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 3.42.43 PM.png

Again, it’s about the same time, actually slightly longer render time of 2:42 with the RRX enabled.

There you go, real testing done here, no alternative facts 😉

4 thoughts on “Render, Render, Render

  1. Would be nice to see what kinda render speeds you would get if plugged in to a PC with a Titan X, in artificial benchmarks at least it’s performance is near 4x.

    Not much use in the DIT world with so much software being Apple exclusive, but would be interesting nonetheless.

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