Parashoot – The safe(ish) card eraser app

I’ve known about this app for a while and just started using this after I heard about an instance where a loader thought they had a card backed up, erased it in disk utility, and then realized it wasn’t actually backed up. To their credit though, it was a few days old from post and […]

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LightIron Folder Structure

Got a few requests for this little app so here’s the download link for it. So let’s talk about what this is doing exactly. When you run this app it’s going to prompt you 4 times. For what shoot day it is For your long term storage (for me it’s my RAID) For your local […]

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Useful links

I started a new section of this site titled “Useful Links” which essentially is links to other sites that are helpful, I know descriptive right? Figured putting them all in one place might be a good reference for people. Anyhoo, shoot me an email or leave a comment if you have a useful link

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