Mac Mini 2020 Benchmarks

Hey, remember me? Remember when I said I would do a mac mini review? Well I’m finally going to do one…for the new mac mini silicon.

But for now, here are the benchmarks in Geekbench:

2020 16GB Mac Mini: CPU | GPU

2018 Mac Mini: CPU | GPU

2019 16″ MacBook Pro (maxed out): CPU | GPU

More to come soon…next week? maybe?

Also, don’t jump out and switch over yet. As of now (11/17/2020) Davinci Resolve 17.0b1 does not see the GPU whatsoever in the app. I’ll be testing out Silverstack Labs later this week.

One thought on “Mac Mini 2020 Benchmarks

  1. I’ve been literally waiting for a couple years for this. Hope you do a full on review putting it through its paces like you did with the MPB.

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