Useful Links

Useful links for the creative process.  Feel free to email me suggestions and I’ll update this as needed.


CAMERA RELATED: – Use this to figure out the crop factor with different red sensors and what not – Create framelines as needed for ANY Arri camera (I use this almost on every job)

Motion Picture Lens Database –


SOFTWARE: – Company who creates LiveGrade & Silverstack – Video monitoring and capture software (what I currently use to capture stills) – macOS / iOS control of Red cameras, works great with the WLAN setup in this post


HARDWARE: – Software & Drivers for many Blackmagic devices


MISC.: – Calibration settings for any make & model of TV – List of Phantom Techs authorized by AbelCine, also lets you schedule training to be on this list (HIGHLY recommend if you are a DIT) – Test yourself to make sure you are not color deficient, or realize how to adjust if you are 😉 – Anything you want to technically know about color – Learn the terminology of an every growing world of terminologies – Anything you’d ever want to know about ACES – Forum for different topics on dailies workflow