Hi I’m Charlie.  I’m a Local 600 Digital Imaging Technician and I’ve also been known to pick up a camera from time to time and shoot.  You can check out my IMDB or check out my Director of Photography website.  However, this blog is mainly for me to geek out on regarding DIT stuff.

You can contact me at charlie@dorkinatent.com or charlieandersondit@gmail.com, either one works! Technology!


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  1. Love your blog,

    I’m a DIT in Vancuver Canada and enjoy reading about your workflow.

    It’s especially satisfying to read those moments (particularly the codex arri raw workflow) and say out loud: ” holy crap that’s exactly what I do too”
    For a position that rarely sees other of its kind, things are slowly becoming more of a standard and certain pieces of gear that are invaluable to us are widely known – all through word of mouth, blog sites like yours, and trial and error.

    From snapping stills with and ultra studio, to using pomfort live grade and silver stack to organize footage and CDLs, I strongly agree that the laptop workflow is the best way to go and have exclusively used one for years.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what’s next in the world of a DIT from another perspective.

    1. Thanks! I love Vancouver! Wish I could work up there as I have a lot of friends who live up there and would LOVE to make the move up that way eventually. If you ever hear of anything let me know 🙂

      Also thanks for the props! I like the laptop workflow and I’m extremely interested to see how the new MacPro introduces some interesting changes with TB2.0 and processing/GPU power. Interesting times for sure.

  2. I just read your article about your process with codex, arriraw and CDL. I just jumped onboard an almost identical job and its a last minute rush to sort everything out. (Production starts Wednesday). Is there any chance that you’d be willing to chat on the phone a little more about your workflow and problems you had as early as tomorrow (Monday). I understand if you’re busy or are like “who’s this thatcher character”. Anyhow, let me know if this is possible. I would be very appreciative!


  3. Hi Charlie!
    Cool equipment what you have got. I’m also DIT but other side of the planet (Hungary). Found your blog just a minute ago. ARRIraw shows started here, so I have to think about update my system soon.
    I love Pomfort, downloading everything with Silverstack. I use for raw footage as well all time. Unfortunately a full mag with mhl checksum approximately 3 hours! Can I download faster than this time without an hs608?
    That will next step, but rental houses here has got usb3.0 codex transfer station and I can’t investment for a CDX7500.



    1. No unfortunately. The H680 is the fastest way to download ArriRaw on a laptop as of yet (excited to see what thunderbolt2 brings us). You can use a USB3 puck to download but make sure you have it unlocked from codex! They purposely limit the data transfer speed until you rent a license from them. You typically can get one for free thoigh. Here’s the link to submit for a license:


      Those dual dock readers are expensive! Most rental houses here in NYC have them, perhaps production can rent one from elsewhere for it? Perhaps London or something? Hope that works out for you! Let me know!

  4. We have Arri Hungary here, so they have dual readers if necessary.
    I tested the RAW downloading without licence and with it, but transer speed looks similar for me with the USB3.0 dock station.

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